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11 Amazing Trends Happening in Corporate Catering

by Steve Simon | last updated on January 20, 2017
food truck catering

Corporate catering can make a powerful positive impression at business dinners, office lunches, and holiday parties. A continuing trend is the desire of event attendees for comfort food and casual atmospheres.

Fortunately, food truck catering can provide both.

Why does this matter?

#1 Growing popularity of “street” food for corporate catering

Food trucks have evolved beyond the basic taco or burger street food to include a large range of culinary delights suitable for and craved at catered events. Using food trucks or food truck-style options at an event helps combine the elements of fun and convenience while serving amazing food selections. Food trucks are versatile enough to use at outdoor events in a picnic atmosphere or inside events as the caterers can bring the freshly prepared food into tables.

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#2 Traditional options and healthy foods

Event attendees around the world may love Italian and Chinese food, but there’s a rising demand for a savvy corporate caterer who knows how to serve a varied selection. No matter the setting, more people are opting for healthier options and foregoing the idea that special events make it acceptable to overindulge without consequences.

#3 Catered food and branding

The food a business selects for their event should positively reflect the corporate brand, especially for office settings. High quality, delicious corporate catering helps promote the company’s brand in a positive light as people satisfy their appetites and see that the business truly cares about its employees and customers.

Caterers must work with the business owners to ensure that they can provide fresh selection at the proper temperatures. Utilizing a food truck can help with this as the caterers have access to heating and cooling appliances along with proper preparation areas.

The best part.

#4 Gluten-free options

Offering gluten-free options and prominently labeling those options is necessary at many events that utilize corporate catering. Gluten-free frozen desserts are becoming especially popular as the need to simply thaw and plate them makes them easy to serve. Including unique flavors of gluten-free selections and treats on the menu makes for a memorable, enjoyable experience for people of all dietary needs.

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#5 Love for bacon

Even with the trend toward healthier catered food options, bacon still has a place on the menu. Bacon is an American favorite, versatile and caterers can incorporate it in creative ways to add a bit of indulgence without becoming overwhelming. Foregoing bacon wrapped scallops for bacon wrapped Brussel sprouts and using small it for flavor and texture in soups and dishes brings that familiar taste people love but in a healthier dose.

#6 Light snack stations

Stations serving light snacks such as cheese, crackers, vegetables, and dips are ideal for networking events, cocktail parties and to accompany drinks before dinner. The food at these stations helps keep people happy and fed so they can mingle. If there’s a large meal planned during the event, it’s important to keep these stations stocked within reason and include foods that people can take by hand as they pass by.

#7 Appetizers and tapas

Small plates still have a big spot in corporate catering as they provide attendees with just the right amount of food to tide them over until the larger meal. The small plates and selections of bite size foods to fill them with enables attendees to take their portable food with them as they mingle.

mobile food trucks

#8 Petite desserts

A large slice of cake might be ideal at a wedding, but for corporate catering, smaller desserts are more appropriate. Bite-size brownies, eclairs, pastries and other sweet treats add the ideal finish to an event and help ensure that guests leave happy and hopefully not overfull.

That’s not all.

#9 Upscale foods on the menu

Upscale selections such as prime cuts of meat, shellfish, and fine wines have found their way into more than just high-end special events such as weddings and corporate dinners. The growing request for these upscale selections means that caterers have to keep their menus flexible and accommodating to remain competitive.

I can’t emphasize this enough.

#10 Appearance matters

Even the most delicious food still needs to look nice at a catered event. As corporate catering brings in the food, it’s always a happy moment for attendees and when that food looks as good as it tastes, it makes the experience that much better.

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The sight of an elegantly prepared dish is the perfect enticement to enjoy the menu selections at any event.

#11 Energizing food

For a corporate catering event that takes place during the workday or that will last many hours, it’s vital to provide selections that keep energy levels up for attendees. Serving items with high caffeine and sugar only provide a short burst of energy so it’s vital to provide a varied selection that includes healthy options.

Bottom line.

Utilizing food trucks for corporate catering events gives businesses the opportunity to provide a varied menu of freshly-prepared items that appeal to a larger audience than the traditional catered fair.


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